EMC2 has proven:

Fusion and Control
of Electron Losses
WB-6 2005

Validation of WB-6 Results With Improved Diagnostics
WB-7 2008

Confinement Behavior
With Detailed Diagnostics
WB-7.1 2010

EMC2 Fusion Development Corporation has been formed as a charitable research
and development organization in frontier energy technologies with emphasis on fusion.

Fusion R&D Phase 1 - Validate and extend WB-6 results with WB-7 Device:
1.5 years / $1.8M, Successfully Completed

Fusion R&D Phase 2 - Design, build and test larger scale WB-8 Polywell Device
2 years / $7M, In Process

Fusion R&D Phase 3 - Design, build and test full scale 100 MW Fusion System:
4 years / $200M, In Design Phase

Your Contributions Will Help Us Design The
WB-D Polywell Device

Send your supporting contributions to:

Santa Fe Office
343 East Alameda
Santa Fe, NM 87501

WB-D 100MW Polywell Demo Device
Contact Energy Matter Conversion Corporation

1202 Parkway Drive Suite A
Santa Fe, NM 87507
Phone: 505-471-2050
Email: Rick@Emc2fusion.com

Google Video
Should Google Go Nuclear?

Dr. Robert Bussard
November 9, 2006
"The Advent of Clean Nuclear Fusion: Super-Performance Space Power and Propulsion
(5MG PDF File - 30 pages)
Robert W. Bussard, Ph.D., 57th International Astronautical Congress,
October 2-6, 2006
"Fighting for Fusion - Why the U.S. Isn't Funding a Promising Energy Technology"
(138K PDF File - 5 pages)
March 5, 2007, William Matthews, DefenseNews.com